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Serving the Lord and our community for over 70 years!
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Due to the current situation the Library has been moved to make room for Grade 4!  It is in the process of being reset up.  But during this time will not be offered.
3RD-5TH GRADES ARE RELEASED TO BE IN-PERSON.  In-person classes begin Monday, March 1st.
6TH-8TH GRADES - continues remote learning.
K-2ND GRADES - WAIVER HAS BEEN APPROVED.  In-person classes began Monday, December 7th.

Our Library... 

We have:

  • Over 4000 Accelerated Reader books available for circulation.
  • A new non-fiction Book Nook.
  • A variety of book levels to individualize reading comprehension ability.
  • A librarian who meets with grades K - 6 weekly.
  • A library program tailored to the age and needs of each class. 
  • An inviting environment.
  • Students actively participate in fun, book-related activities annually.
  • A priority to expand our collection and enrich our library environment.

Elementary (K-5th) classes visit the library once a week.  Preschool and Middle School have access to the library with their classes and teachers.