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Student Progress/Grades

Student Progress
We, at Concordia Christian, believe that the partnership between parent and teacher is invaluable at assisting each student in achieving success.  Our teachers are committed to this relationship and invested in each student’s success.  Please feel free to contact your student’s teacher should you have any questions or concerns. 
Here is how we will keep you informed of your student’s progress:

Graded Tests/Work
Each week your student’s teacher will send home graded tests and work for your review.  
In addition to graded work each parent will be able to access their student’s progress on Gradelink.  Gradelink is a secure website where your student’s teacher weekly records grades for your review.  As a parent you will have your student’s ID and password in order to review their progress.  You can click on “Gradelink” on the bottom left of the home page for easy access.
Mid-Terms/Report Cards
Concordia Christian is based on a quarter system of grade reporting.  Each quarter is approximately 8-9 weeks longs.  At the middle of each of these terms (approximately 4 weeks into the term) you, as parents, will receive a Mid-Term Progress Report.  These are more informal reports to keep you informed of your student’s progress up to that point in the quarter.
The report card is the formal grades report at the end of each quarter and is what will become a part of your student’s cumulative file at the end of the school year.
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Each year you, as a parent, will have the opportunity to meet with your student’s teachers twice a year.  Generally these will be scheduled in the end of 1st and 3rd quarters.  You will be given the opportunity to let us know which times on the available days will best fit your schedule.
Academic Testing
Each year Concordia Christian students are involved in standardized testing. Private schools in California are not allowed to administer the same standardized tests that is used by the public schools. We will use the same academic testing as all of LCMS Christian schools (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod). These test scores assist Concordia Christian School in developing strategies to prepare our students for the next grade level, then to Jr./Sr. High School and eventually for the competitive nature of college acceptance.