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Course Description

Our Elementary Curriculum...
The curriculum of Concordia Christian - Elementary is designed to give a well-rounded, quality Christian education.  It is our goal that each student successfully complete the prescribed course of study for each grade level; as well as develop an understanding and appreciation for our system of government and the freedoms we enjoy.
Our BASIC ELEMENTARY curriculum includes the following: 
  • Christian Instruction  - All students receive Christian instruction in the classroom and participate in a weekly chapel service.  We seek to impart to each child the saving Good News of Jesus Christ, so that through word and action he/she may live out a Christian lifestyle as a saved child of God.  Memorization of Scripture, prayers, and catechism will also be a part of the Christian instruction.
  • Reading - Reading is taught using the phonetics approach.  Children may, at various grades, be grouped according to their reading ability.  Recreational reading is encouraged.
  • Language Arts (English/Spelling/Printing/Handwriting) - The language arts program stresses the proper use of grammar, and formal and creative writing.  Good penmanship and spelling are also taught and encouraged in all curriculum areas.
  • Math - Mathematical concepts are sequentially followed throughout the grades.  Reasoning and problem-solving skills are developed.  Enjoyment and practical application of math are fostered.
  • Social Studies - The social studies curriculum covers the major social science disciplines with emphasis on teaching the dignity of each person and the interdependence of nations and peoples. 
  • Science - Science concepts are developed in all grade levels through study, observation, and experimentation.  The scientific method is fostered through hands-on study.
  • Computers  - Basic computer instruction varies from grade to grade.  
  • Physical Education/Extra Curricular Sports - All students have regular physical education classes in which physical fitness, development of large motor skills, game playing, and good sportsmanship are stressed. We participate in a Christian Sports League.  Students in the 5th and 6th may participate with 4th grade participating at the coach's discretion.  There is a separate fee for each sport and there is no guarantee that all will participate in every game.  Coaches will make every effort to play those who faithfully participate in the team's practices.
  • Music - Classroom music and choirs are taught as a progressive instruction program in all the grades.
  • Art - Art instruction encourages creative expression through use of a variety of media.  Art appreciation may also be part of the curriculum. 
  • Languages (ASL/Spanish) - When available.
Our Middle School Curriculum...

 Our BASIC MIDDLE SCHOOL curriculum includes the following: 

  • Christian Instruction
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • United States History/World History
  • Earth Science/Life Science/Physical Science



  • Languages (Spanish/ASL) - when available
  • Computer Keyboarding/Business Applications
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Art
  • Athletics - Teams participate in League sports
See the Middle School Schedule below.